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The No Hassle, Pack Up & Go,
Lightweight Projection Screen
in a Pouch

Hassle-Free Portable Projection Screen

Perfect for All Your Business Needs

Whether you are in that small office space, on the road to a client’s office, or giving that seminar presentation to a large group, your Screen2Go is the perfect portable projection screen to handle the job! The custom-designed carrying case can handle the Screen2Go and an average-sized portable projector! But wait, that case can carry even more, like your laptop, accessories, and all of your documents—again in one custom-designed “ALL-IN-ONE” carrying case. This makes your business travel more convenient and helps keep you fully prepared for all your presentations!

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Great for Outdoors Events or Camping

Screen2Go is a great solution for those outdoor events with Friends or out camping with the Family. Because of it compact storage size, light weight, extremely durable and water resilient  carrying case, when you pull out your Screen2Go, you will be the hit with everyone. And because it sets up so quick and easy, your friends, family and you will be enjoying hours of entertainment in a matter of minutes on this enormous 75 inch Screen!

Ideal for the Home

There is no better solution for Family Movie Night than Screen2Go! Break out the DLP, grab your favorite movie, and bring the popcorn and you are all set. Enjoy the full theater experience with this enormous 75 inch diagonal viewing area on this patented wrinkle free and highly reflective screen. With its easy to set-up custom stand, you and your family will be watching your favorite movie or sporting event before the popcorn is done popping. Get you Screen2Go TODAY!

Screen2Go for Outdoor, Business, and at Home

The “Screen2go” is the perfect solution for your Outdoor Adventures with friends,  all of your Business Presentation needs, or at Home with the Family. Screen2Go is easy to store, light weight & compact for travel, and can be assembled anywhere in under five minutes!