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The No Hassle, Pack Up & Go,
Lightweight Projection Screen
in a Pouch


Easy to use portable projection screens

Convenient for all your business needs

Wondering how you carry your big projection screen to the business meeting or seminar that everything depends on? Well, we have a solution! Welcome, Screen2Go. Screen2Go is a well-thought-out solution for all your Portable projection screens needs, whether it is on the business front or for personal outings. Screen2Go offers portable projection screens that offer the full power of a projection screen in a short and easy-to-carry form factor. You can carry it anywhere you go and we offer a custom carry case that can offer you space to carry the portable screen, laptop, accessories, documents, and more. Screen2Go makes your business trips a breeze with convenience, mobility, and ease of use.

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The right travel partner for outdoor events and camping.

Screen2Go is the best solution for a night out at a camping site with friends or outdoor events. The main benefits Screen2Go outdoor movie projector and screen comes with is compact size, lightweight, durability, and a portable and water-resistant carry bag that not only carries the portable projection screen but also can carry more like your laptop and your accessories. Screen2Go can be a popular solution and can make you everyone’s favorite right as you take the Outdoor projector screen out of your bag. With the ease of setting up, you and your friends or family can get right to the business without wasting any time!

Perfect choice for home

A 75-inch diagonal viewing projection screen for a night filled with entertainment and joy. and the best part? it’s portable! Screen2Go is the best Best outdoor movie screen choice for families who want to watch their favorite movies and get a completely immersive theatrical experience. Screen2Go portable projectors offer a wrinkle-free and highly reflective best outdoor projector screen that is easy to set up and gets ready before the popcorns are ready. Sounds pretty awesome right? Well, it’s because it is.

Screen2Go for Outdoor, Business, and at Home

The “Screen2go” is the perfect solution for your Outdoor Adventures with friends,  all of your Business Presentation needs, or at Home with the Family. Screen2Go is easy to store, light weight & compact for travel, and can be assembled anywhere in under five minutes!