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About US


Yvonne Marsh & Ron Cameron are brother & sister. Both born in Australia and raised in a beach- side resort called Geelong situated 45 miles south of the City of Melbourne. Yvonne now makes her home in New Zealand with her husband Terry. Ron now makes Chicago Illinois his home with his wife Dee.

An Idea is Born: New Plymouth, New Zealand

In the shadow of snow capped & active volcano Mount Taranaki, Yvonne Marsh, (An Australian transplant) shared a small modest home with: Her husband Terry, a couple of cats & a goat with an attitude.
A few weeks before Christmas of 2000, Terry had arrived home from a quick one-day trip to New Zealand’s south island. As Yvonne set the table for dinner, she listened to Terry “vent” that on this quick “hop” over to the South Island for a presentation he had to lug a 60″ long portable screen with him (or as he called it “a bloody bazooka”).. His other option would be to rent a screen at the hotel for $40.
Terry said “We have bloody Iil’ laptops & projectors, why can’t we have bloody IiI’ screens that open up.”
Yvonne did some checking. No such screen existed
No one makes a lightweight portable screen that can fit in your overnight or carry on airline bag.

How Screen2go started?

It was a few days before Christmas and Yvonne was hanging some sheets on the line to dry.   Mount Taranaki started to rumble. Yvonne ran & got her camera just in case, and set the tripod up in the yard. The tea Kettle started “whistling” in the kitchen. Yvonne glanced out the window at the sheet on the line and the tripod standing underneath, and suddenly it hit her. There before her eyes was exactly what she was looking for; the screen (the sheet) & its stand (tripod).

Yvonne got so excited she completely forgot about making a cuppa’ (cup of tea), the tripod and the camera in the yard. Mount Taranaki also forgot to rumble. Set down and started working on her idea.

Yvonne decided to bounce the idea off her brother Ron, who has been involved with sales & presentations in the USA for over 20 years over a New Year’s call on December 31st 2000. Ron knew she was on to something

Coogee Beach Company

It was decided that Ron should put the sales plan together, and the screen should be launched initially in the USA. A Company was formed & named after Ron’s favorite place on planet Earth, Coogee Beach, situated 7 miles SE of Sydney.

Screen2Go for Outdoor, Business, and at Home

The “Screen2go” is the perfect solution for your Outdoor Adventures with friends,  all of your Business Presentation needs, or at Home with the Family. Screen2Go is easy to store, light weight & compact for travel, and can be assembled anywhere in under five minutes!